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Geological Compass Professional (GC Pro) (*) This application combines the features of a simple compass and a geological compass. A highly user-friendly interface, allows the simple, single-button operation of the app, so that the measurements shown on the screen, are held or released.

While operating in the “simple compass mode”, the user graphically tracks the direction to the magnetic North, indicated by the long arrow pointing to the letter “N”.

While operating in the “geological compass mode”, the user only has to place the mobile phone or tablet on the geological formation to be measured in order to record its geometric characteristics.

The device does not require leveling during operation. Just place your device on the formation and wait for one to two seconds for until the measurement is stabilized (remains stable). Press the “hold values” button to “freeze” the values on the screen, while moving your device, so you can take notes. Press the “release” button to continue to the next measurement.

The operation of a compass in general is based on the magnetic field of the Earth, by finding the magnetic North. When you use this app, any other app or a real compass, it is important to keep as far as much away from devices that produce magnetic fields, magnetic rocks or any other magnetic source, in order to increase accuracy as much as possible. In order to increase accuracy you should check if the back of your device is a straight or a curved surface. It’s better to use a phone or tablet case in order to make the device’s surface as straight as can be and protect it from damage at the same time.

(*) At the moment, only the GC Free version is available because GC Pro is not published yet.

GC Free version